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Imperial Beer Mission

When the Association ran its very first event in 2016, the organisers wanted to do something really special. They realised that although Costa Rica’s national beer “Imperial” might not be the most exotic, for many Costa Ricans it is the taste of home, so it was decided to try to get hold of some for the Independence Day Party.

The sole distributor of Imperial in Europe, very kindly agreed to donate some crates for the event. The only small problem was, they were based in Zurich, Switzerland – over 1000km from London. Bringing the crates by air in suitcases was not an option due to the weight, and bringing them by freight was very complicated due to all the paperwork, so there was only one thing for it – a road trip to collect them in person.

Four friends set off in a tiny car, starting very early in the morning, through the Channel Tunnel and across the length of France, stopping only to sleep just before the Swiss border. The next day they got very lost in Zurich, before travelling nearly 15 hours home, just about in time for work the next day! The event and the beers were a smash hit with the community – we hope you enjoy the video.

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