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Privacy Policy

Asociación de Costarricences en el Reino Unido (ACRRU), known as Costa Rica in the UK, is an unincorporated association under UK law.

ACRRU collects personal data, including email, first name and surname, for the purpose of sending regular email newsletters. All such data is collected with the explicit consent of users, for this purpose and this purpose alone.

These newsletters may include details of tickets and merchandise for sale, both by ACRRU and third parties.

ACRRU does not provide any personal data collected from users with third parties, nor does it receive any such data.

Personal data collected for this purpose is stored on the platform - their privacy policy can be found at

Any user who wishes to unsubscribe from receiving email newsletters from ACRRU may do so at

Any user who unsubscribes from receiving email from ACRRU will cease to receive email newsletters, but will not automatically have their data removed from the database of

ACRRU may also collect personal data, including first name, surname, email address, postal address, and telephone number, for the purposes of processing transactions, such as the purchase of tickets or merchandise. This data will be retained on the platform - their privacy policy can be found at

Although credit and debit card transactions may be processed on this site, they are processed by Wix Payments, part of the platform, and payment details are not collected or retained by ACRRU.

Data collected for the processing of transactions is used to provide users with a proof of purchase, and also for the purpose or record-keeping of transactions for ACRRU.

Any user who requires for their data to be deleted altogether can request this by contacting

Any queries on this policy should be directed to

Any postal correspondence should be sent to:

ACRRU Asociacion de Costarricenses en el Reino Unido

C/O Embassy of Costa Rica in the UK

23 Woodstock Street




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