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Kew Gardens Full of Color and Dance

Kew Gardens held its annual orchid festival from February 5 to March 6, 2022 and this year was even more special for us because, thanks to our cultural and natural wealth, the whole exhibition was themed around Costa Rica.

For a few weeks, Kew Gardens became a little piece of Costa Rica within London, showing visitors from the United Kingdom and all over the world some of the many wonderful natural resources that Costa Rica has, its beautiful orchids and especially, our beloved national symbol, the Guaria Morada.

The festival reflected the beauty and essence of our country through such beautiful flowers and given this great responsibility, our folk dance group was invited to perform twice a day on Saturdays so that attendees could observe, listen and feel a little of our Tico culture.

The folk dance group, led by Ermillenin Aguirre and composed of Karen Hernández, Melissa Houet, Juliana Vargas and Karol Vargas, put all their joy, enthusiasm and beauty into their dances, costumes and smiles so that their participation at the festival was a complete success.

To the rhythm of Tambito, Caballito Nicoyano and Tan Linda mi Costa Rica, this beautiful folkloric group with great passion managed to draw smiles from the attendees and brighten the atmosphere as much as possible so that visitors during their experience, in addition to learning more about the variety of orchids, could soak up our cultural identity through dance.

On the barred wall,

its soft petals flutter

the pretty purple guaria

flower of this blessed land.

May the world always remember that Costa Rica, as the song says, is a blessed land, full of culture, love, nature and without a doubt so much happiness and charisma.


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