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Costa Rican Virtual Bingo

Due to our terrible circumstances In COVID times, all we could do was stay safe at home and do our best to entertain ourselves. This is how the Association, trying to find a way to bring the commuity together and keep in touch, decided to set up a virtual bingo hall. Everyone in Costa Rica has been to, played, heard, and may even have called the numbers for, a game of bingo at some point.

Silly calls like “knock at the door, number four”, have their equivalents in Spanish, and came together with music, videos and lots of chat to make for a lovely atmosphere. Every Saturday night for three months, we would gather with snacks, a few drinks, and hang out for a virtual get together, often for hours at a time

Were there prizes? Every weekend the prizes were things we were missing like beans and sauces from back home, or things we couldn’t get hold of at the time, like toilet paper! Sadly the prizes were virtual too (ahem, made up), but we had to keep the players motivated somehow. We just hope none of the winners are still waiting to receive them…

Our wonderful host Carlos “The Voice” Jiménez and interactive computer scoreboard (Jesus Fernández) look forward to catching up with you all again soon. Bingo!


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