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Costa Rican Yoga in the UK

With the day to day psychological strain of a difficult year, we wanted to find something which would refresh body and mind. One of our volunteers brought together the Costa Rican community in the UK and the Human Fraternity Network in Costa Rica and their fantastic teachers. This meant everyone who wanted to join a class from home could share in a space of relaxation, meditation, and physical and mental exercise.

They scheduled an excellent weekly programme of psychophysical gmynastics, conscious relaxation and yoga poses (Asanas) every Tuesday and Thursday evening, lasting almost two hours each.

We have now notched up over 60 classes since the start ofthe programme, and they continue thanks to the help of the network and regular attendance of many of us in the community.

They have offered this wonderful experience to the association free of charge – we have enjoyed them enormously and are so appreciative of their kindness.

Feel free to join us any time.


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