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Introducing: Costa Rican Folklore UK

Ever since Mi Linda Costa Rica performed in London in 2016, we’ve been thinking about organising a traditional dance performance at our Independence Day event.

The only small problem was we didn’t know how to do it, we had no dancers and no costumes. Ermillenin Rojas, who had danced herself as a child, offered to train a group to perform, and two brave members of the community, Monserrat Sanabria, Tania Cordero Valverde signed up to join her. So began a frantic period of rehearsals, and also a race to buy costumes in time. By the time of the party they were just about ready, and blew everyone away with their performance and beautiful outfits.

We are so proud to have our own group of dancers to showcase out culture here in the UK. Hope you can join us for the next performance at Independence 2021 (200 years!), meanwhile here is the video.

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